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Bee Smart Pest Control provides residential service to Connecticut

Residential Pest Management

With our standard protection plan, we can prevent many pest issues that occur around a home in Connecticut. From the ants issues in the spring to the spiders and yellow jackets in the fall. We will be ready to stop your pests. So you can just enjoy your home.

Bee Smart Pest Control - Exterminator for every season in Connectiut

A Service For Every Season

Every season brings different pest issues. With decades of experience in Connecticut, we know what to expect and are ready for it! We tailor ever plan to the needs of the location and desires of the client. Summer or winter, Bee Smart will make sure you are pest free.

Bee Smart Pest Control provides commercial service to Connecticut

Commercial Pest Management

Pests are the last thing you need while running your business. Bee Smart Pest Control will take whats bugging you off your plate. With on time no hassle services, on any needed time schedule, to manage the pest before it damages your goods.

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Protection Plans

A protection plan will keep your home or business covered all year long for most common pests like but not limited to ants, bees, spiders, cockroaches, wasps, mice, rats, silverfish and more. We inspect and/or treat the property on a monthly or bimonthly schedule.  This program has free extra services. This means if a pest shows up between your regular scheduled service, so do we at no additional charge. We use products labeled for use around your home and once dry your pets and kids. We also have a referral program where you can save 50% of a service is a person you recommend signs up on a protection plan.

Bee Smart Pest Control handles all pests problems in CT with expert approach.

One Time Services

One time services are great at handling a pest or two. No automatic treatments just the ones you need. After the initial knockout we keep you covered with a three, six or the rest of the season.  With phones on 24/7 your pest issue wont go unattended. Plus, you are covered by our guarantee. If the pest come back during your coverage, we come back at no extra charge.

Are you ready to stop worrying about pests?