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Bee Control

Do you need bee, wasp or hornet control?

Bees, wasps and hornets


Bees, wasps and hornets love to build hives in bushes, under decks & overhangs, behind shutters and in wall voids. Ground hives will pop up seemingly overnight come mid to late summer and can cause a bad experience when mowing the lawn. If left unchecked the queen and supplemental queens will over winter in the closest warm building. Often, they emerge during the winter and early spring in living spaces. 


We handle all stinging insects like yellow jackets, white faced hornets, paper wasps and more. We service residential and commercial properties.


How we control bees, wasps and hornets 


To stop a stinging insect issue we use fast acting materials to quickly knock down the bulk of a hive. Then use a material that leaves a residual effect. This is important to kill off the harvesters that are not present during the treatment. It can take up to three days for all harvesters to get back. After three days if the hive is still active, we will come back at no charge to treat it again.


To solve your stinging insect issue just give us a message at the office. You can get a quote over the phone or have one of our experts at your door.