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Pest Control: Pest Control Service For Termites

We provide termite inspections for FREE! If you think you have termites, the first thing to do is have an inspection from termite control experts to determine the species and entry points. There are many other insects that can damage wood and a wrong identification will waste your money.

Termite inspection reports are completed on the form NPMA-33. This is the only VA & FHA approved form. As experts, we have continuous training that keeps us sharp, ready and able to find every wood destroying organisms in your home.

Our termite treatment - We start with a detailed inspection from our experts, then we install termite stations every 10 to 15 feet around your structures. For the interior we treat the infected wood with a dry foam designed to fill the damaged cavities and leave a long lasting residual effect.

How our stations work - Termites will always choose to eat the softest source of cellulose. Our termite bait stations have a soft pine wood inside. Once the termites eat at the wood we fill it with a soft cellulose material that has a growth inhibitor infused to it. The termite workers collect up the material and transfer it back to the colony. Once enough is eaten the colony will collapse.

Our termite warranty is for 3 years. During that time if you find termite damage we will come treat it at no additional charge. If you sell your home, the warranty will transfer to the new owners name.

Swarmers are potential kings and queens of future colonies. They amass in a separate cell and wait for the right temp and humidity, then they emerge in a great explosion.

Termite swarmers & ant swarmers are the most wrongly identified insects. The picture below shows the difference.

Side by side comparison of a carpenter ant swarmer and a termite swarmer

Some key points are that termite swarmer will have wings twice the length of their very straight body. Whereas the carpenter ant swarmer will have a pinched waist and bent antennae.

Eastern Subterranean Termite workers are cream in color and about 3/8 inch long. The kings and queens are darker, longer and have wings when they first emerge. The soldiers look like the workers except the have enlarge heads and mandibles that allow them to protect the colony.

Termite workers and Soldier

Termites eat the cellulose in wood and wood products. In Connecticut we mostly deal with the eastern subterranean termite. Because their home is soil, when they hit a rock or something solid like a foundation they will build mud tubes. This gives us something to watch out for.


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