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Mouse Control Services: Mouse Exterminator In Connecticut

we are mouse exclusion experts

When mice show up you need mouse control from experts who can think like a mouse, find every trail and follow it to every entrance. Our techs are highly trained in mouse exclusion techniques developed by decades of knowledge and honed to perfection. 

Mouse Exclusion Service. To start, we preform a detailed inspection to find every entry point and develop a plan of action. Once all the holes are found we seal the exterior using a variety of materials that provide negative reinforcement when chewed. Then we set traps to remove the rodents living inside. Lastly, we follow up automatically ever 7-14 days until the problem is under control, typically 2-3 follow ups. For on-going regular services we use an all natural repellent to keep mice far away from the house, cars, boats. sheds and other places you don't want rodents. No need for poisons or expensive gimmick programs. We just shut the door so mice cannot get back in.

Poisons kills owls, falcons and hawks plus many ground animals that feed on mice like foxes and domestic cats. By excluding mice from homes we keep a natural food source for predators which in turn keeps a healthy ecosystem.

Mouse Control Steps:
  1. Inspect and locate entry points
  2. Trap and remove rodents living inside
  3. Seal entrances using a mixture of materials to provide negative reinforcement
  4. Follow up until the problem is solved (average 2-3 follow ups)



Insulation removal and sanitation services:

Mice will ruin insulation by building a home in it, traveling through it, urinating on it and leaving a build up of droppings. Lets not forget mice don't bury their dead, they either eat them or the body is left where it lies.  Additionally the decaying organic matter can lead to a bad smell and even airborne bacteria. It is important to remove the infected insulation, disinfect runways and feeding locations. 

We do it all. We provide the mouse control, remove the insulation, clean up the mess, sanitize the area and install new insulation.

Insulation Service Cost

  1. Removal: $1.00-$1.50 per square foot
  2. Installation: $1.00-$1.50 per square foot
  3. Insulation: $0.65-$2.00 per square foot.
  4. Dumpster: $300-$600 on average