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Termite Control

Expert termite control services in Connecticut

Termite Control Treatments/Inspections

If you think you have termites, the first thing to do is have an inspection from an termite control expert. There are many insects that can damage wood and a wrong identification can cost you money for no reason. We provide termite inspections for FREE! 


Need a termite inspection report for a home sale? We do that! We use the only VA & FHA approved form, the NPMA form-33.

Termite swarmers compared to ant swarmers

The most wrongly identified insect are ant and termite swarmers. The picture shows the difference.

Some key points are, the termite swarmer will have wings twice the length of their very straight body. Whereas the carpenter ant swarmer will have a pinched waist and bent antennae. Both can come out in the hundreds, although ant swarms tend to be larger. If you have a itching to clean up the explosion of insects before you have them identified, make sure to save a few specimens. Place them in a zip lock bag or other sealable container.


Eastern Subterranean Termites

Description: E. Subterranean termite workers are cream in color and about 3/8 inch long. The kings and queens are darker, longer and have wings when they first emerge. The soldiers look like the workers except the have enlarge heads and mandibles that allow them to protect the colony.


Termites eat the cellulose in wood and wood products. In Connecticut we mostly deal with the eastern subterranean termite. Because their home is he soil, when the;y break into the air they will build mud tubes to keep themselves protected from the sun and to keep the humidity level correct. When thy hit a rock or something solid like foundation they will build mud tubes giving us something to watch out for. It is always important to fix cracks in your foundation and wood of your home away form the ground. Keeping a dehumidifier in your crawlspace or basement can avoid termites and many other insects from making it their home.

Termite Treatment

Termite treatments can be done many ways. Bee Smart Pest Control provides a bait station service coupled with treating the infected wood with a dry foam to flood the galleys. Together with a 3 year warratny we will create a barrier to keep the termites out for good!