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Ant Control

Do you need ant control in Connecticut?


Ants Control Starts With Bee Smart 

We start with a detailed inspection to find entry points and nesting locations inside & out. On the interior we typically start with professional baits. These baits are applied to crack and crevices to keep them aways from kids and pets. The harvesters collect the bait and feed it to the rest of the colony. Since ants are cannibals, they also transfer the material by consuming their dead. 


For a larger ant issue, we can complete a crack and crevice treatment throughout your home with an activated desiccant powder or, if needed, use liquid materials on trailing areas, baseboards, sill plate and nesting sites.


For the exterior we have many materials, but the one that works best is fipronil based. Fipronil is a caution rated material used in modern tick and flea drop treatments for carts and dogs. Fipronil relies on the social habits of ants to transfer the material back and forth until it reaches a critical level and destroys the colony.


*A Bee Smart supervisor will decide, based upon infestation level, which treatment is needed. Upon asking we can email MSDS sheets so you can see what is being used on your property.

Ants in the spring

The first ants to wake up are our native carpenter ants. Typically, by the end of march carpenter ants have begun rummaging through our homes to find whatever food morsels they can. Small ants in the lawn will start move around during the warmest hours of the days.

Ants in the Summer

By summer all ants are making themselves known. Lawns have begun to look patchy as underground colonies destroys roots. Carpenter ants will have excavated a lot of wood and left piles for us to find.

Ants in the Fall

As the Fall comes and harvest time is here, ants make a rush to collect as much of the free food as they can. Late fall, if it stays warm enough, ants move back into our homes to collect food.

To gid rid of your ant issue, give us a shout for a free inspection or get a quote over the phone.