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Ant Control

How We Treat Ants in Connecticut

How To Stop Ants.

Ants control starts with an detailed inspection to find entry points and nesting locations inside and out.

On the interior we use professional baits which has an active ingredient that reacts with an enzyme found specifically in ants guts. Once eaten the enzyme transforms into the pesticide that ends them. Making it a great choice for homes with pets and kids. Since ants are cannibals, they transfer the material by consume their dead and feeding them to the colony giving you a quicker knock down. For a larger ant problem we can complete a crack and crevice treatment throughout your home with a desiccant powder or use liquid materials on your baseboards.

On the exterior we have many materials, but the one that works best is fipronil based. Fipronil is a caution rated material used in modern tick and flea drop treatments for cats and dogs. Fipronil relies on the social habits of ants to transfer the material back and forth until it reaches a critical level and destroys the colony.

Ants in the spring

The first ants to wake up are our native carpenter ants. Typically by the end of march carpenter ants have begun rummaging through our homes to find whatever food morsels they can. Small ants in the lawn will move around during the warmest hours of the days.

Ants in the Summer

By summer all ants are making themselves known. Lawns have begun to look like a warzone as the movement through the ground destroys roots. Carpenter ants likely hive a high pile of frass building up as the excavate the wood of our homes.

Ants in the Fall

As the Fall comes and harvest time is here, ants make a rush to collect as much of the free food as they can. Close to late fall, if it stays warm enough, ants move back to collecting food in our homes.

Ant Control Options

The Season Pass is our most popular ant control service. With it, we cover you all season long for all ants big and small. We treat the current issue and then cover you till the end of the year. If any ants come back during that time then so do we, for free!

A one time services with a 30 to 90 day warranty is available. 


The Protection Plan is a monthly, bi monthly or quarterly service that covers ants and many other pests like spiders, mice, earwigs, wasps & hornets, silverfish and more.