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Rodent Control

Do You Need Rodent Control In Connecticut?

“When it comes to rodent control we don’t believe in poisons. Stopping mice and rats requires getting down and dirty. This way we can see the building from their perspective, find every trail and follow it to every entrance.”

~ C. Mojo A.C.E

Signs Of Rodents In Your Home Or Office

There are a few signs to let you know that mice or rats have gotten into your home or office.

  • Droppings are found in drawers, cabinets, shelves, along runways, under furniture and along sill plates.
  • Gnawing is found on corners of trim boards, wire, sheet rock, and garbage cans.
  • Smells will start to accumulate in rooms that mice have infested as the urine and fecal matter builds up.
  • Yellow to brown spotting in ceilings where rodents have urinated over and over.
  • Scurrying sounds in the walls especially at night.

Why Choose Bee Smart For Rodent Control?

Bee Smart technicians are experts at rat and mouse control and have decades of experience handling homes around New England. Our techs are trained on the biology and habits of local rodents. This ensures that your rodent problem is being handled by professionals who know the target species. 


Poison is not our go to material to stop mice. It kills local wildlife like owls, foxes, cats, hawks and other predators plus none target pests like chipmunks. 

What Is A Rodent Exclusion Service?

An exclusion is when a building is sealed to stop rodents and other pests from gaining access.

  • Detailed inspection to find entry points.
  • Set traps to remove the mice living inside.
  • Seal the holes on the exterior of the building using a variety of materials that provide negative reinforcement when chewed.
  • Follow up automatically ever 7-14 days until we achieve complete rodent control. 
  • (optional) Cleaning and sanitation services.
We also provide insulation removal and installation services. Ask your sales rep about pricing. 

Shut the door on mice and rats. Contact us today for a free inspection or get a quote over the phone.

We back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If during your contract period any rodents make their way inside we will perform a free extra service to find the access point and get it sealed.

*Rat extermination may require poison especially in a commercial setting.