Ants of Connecticut

red ant formica rufa on white background

Ants: Connecticut is a land of hidden wonders and bustling ecosystems, where the dance of nature unfolds amidst scenic beauty and historic charm. Beneath the surface of this thriving state lies a bustling metropolis—home to not just the hustle and bustle of its human inhabitants, but also to an often overlooked yet astonishingly diverse community… Continue reading Ants of Connecticut

The Importance Of Pest Control In Human Civilizations

Pest control serves as a vital system aimed at managing or eradicating pests that pose threats to human life and society. This multifaceted process involves employing diverse methods such as chemical treatments, physical barriers, and biological agents to mitigate pests’ adverse effects on human health, the environment, and societal well-being. Let’s delve into the significance… Continue reading The Importance Of Pest Control In Human Civilizations

Exterminator to Pest Management Professional – A Brief History of the Pest Control Field.

A masquerade historical scene reconstruction. Plague doctor in medieval old town. Castle and epidemic

Early on humans learned the need for pest control. It grew into the profession we are today.