Rodents – Sanitation, Exclusion, Control

From day one humans have had a waste issue when it comes to a rodent issue. They leave a trail of high caloric food that rodents thrive on. “One man’s trash is a rodent’s treasure”. Along with all the food we also leave a plethora of materials and even build perfect homes for rats and mice alike. Once settled in they will multiply and quickly have free run of any building. Along with their love to chew wires rodents cause major damage every year to our crops, stored food and ready to eat food source. They will live in the filthiest places such as sewer lines or dumpsters then travel into our homes and bring with them bacteria that can cause serious illness.

Most people answer a rodent issue by throwing poison at them. Although this will kill off rodents. It isn’t a long term answer to a rodent issue. Poison leads to nasty smells and weeks of carrion beetles or flies emerging from the walls. To stop a rodent issue we must start with sanitation like remove trash, a general cleaning of everything inside & out and remove nesting materials. After sanitation, trap and remove the rodents living inside the building. Then seal the exterior. Caulk, orange foam, newspaper, sponges are not good materials to seal a hole with. Often a hole will need wood, cement or hardware cloth to remedy it. To learn more about exclusions and how they work check out our blog.

Once “control” is gained you must stay on top of the issue by doing regular checks to monitor if rodents have made their way back in. This could be traps, glue boards or even a good flash light to search for new droppings. Rodent control is a never ending battle. They are opportunistic creatures who will not hesitate to take advantage of bounty left unattended. They will ferociously procreate which leaves us with a constant train trying to get into our food supply. In short rodents are a very serious public health issue and are easily one of the most damaging pests humans have invading their space.

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