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Associate Certified Entomologist – A Busy Bees Journey

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A.C.E are leaders in the field of pest control.

There haven’t been many things in my life that I could confidently say I excelled at. However, during my journey as a pest control technician, I found myself captivated by the world of insects I was tasked to manage. I began to do more than just eliminate pests, I started to catch and categorize them. My collection grew rapidly, much to the chagrin of my lovely wife. It expanded to include a comprehensive array of each caste of a carpenter ant colony, a diverse assortment of tiger beetle species, and a variedChris Mojo Owner of Bee Smart Pest Control collection of hornet hives, each constructed from different material sources. Throughout this period, I delved into every book on insects and entomology that I could lay my hands on, eagerly absorbing all the knowledge I could find. After 10 years grinding on routes for a medium sized pest company in Connecticut, I worked toward become both a supervisor and an Associate Certified Entomologist.

What is an Associate Certified Entomologist:

The field of Entomology plays an ever more crucial role in ensuring the well-being and advancement of human society. As Associate Certified Entomologists, we bear the responsibility and privilege of providing valuable service to humanity, all while upholding the highest standards of ethical behavior. To uphold and elevate the honor and esteem of our profession, the Entomological Socie

White Face Hornet one of the pests taken care of by Bee Smart Pest Control
Bald-Faced Hornet (Dolichovespula maculata)

ty of America has laid down a code that outlines the ethical standards and professional conduct that ACEs must adhere to.



A.C.E’s in The Pest Control Industry:

As an A.C.E I have made it my mission to find ways to solve an

termites eating wood.
Termites eating wood.

d prevent pest issues without the overuse of pesticides. Pesticides are important tool but like all good thing, but we all know too much in our environment isn’t a good thing. Having an A.C.E on the case means you know your property was handled with the upmost care. Safety being the first thing we think about.

A.C.E qualification is a certification every technician should work toward, and a homeowner should look for.

“If we all work to excel, the future holds no boundaries.” C.Mojo