Ants Go Marching On

Ant Control

Ants outnumber just about every species on earth. They have developed a solid society based on a caste system which allows the colony as a whole to survive no matter what. The ultimate goal is “save the queen, save the future.” It is this very basic structure that has allowed the ant to out survive the majority of the animal kingdom on Earth. Divided into three groups with the queens on top followed by the males then what makes up most of the colony, which are the workers. The workers do every job, the oldest will act as first defense when danger nears as they are the most expendable. The youngest tend to eggs and larvae and all of them will collect the most important part of any civilization – food!

Carpenter ants surrounding a dying queen. We provide pest control services for ants and other pest issues in Connecticut.
Workers Surrounding a Dying Queen

For humans most ant species are not an issue. They generally live away from civilization. There are only a dozen or so that become a problem to properties in America. All of them are there for just a few reasons. Number One is food & water. In life it is a must-have as without it none of us can survive. The same goes for our six legged arthropod. Second is a safe place to call home with bountiful food supplies close by. Humans are experts at making warm, safe places filled with food and clean water for which our arthropod friends happily take advantage.

Carpenter ant control in Connecticut
Carpenter Ant

Carpenter ants stand out as the least wanted ant. They love to tunnel into wood, excavate and create a perfect breeding ground for a colony. If there isn’t already a water issue present carpenter ants will bring in their our water supply. This can lead to mold and secondary pest issues. Not only will they make a mess of your walls, they will make a mess of your home, too. All the wood chips, dead bodies and anything else in their way will get dumped anywhere but their building site.

Odorous House Ant

Next is all the small species of ants often called sugar ants or pavement ants. The most common reason they are in your home or office is food and water. We all have left out food or a spill and woke up to find a army of ants harvesting the bounty. One species of small ant that sticks out is the odorous house ant. This ant loves to infest every corner of a home. Often the colonies will contain a million or more ants and the trails can be two or three inches thick with ants.

Pavement ant and other ant extermination services
Pavement Ants Harvesting

There is no perfect answer to ants. They outnumber us by such a vast amount that no matter how many colonies are wiped out another is waiting to take their place. What we can do is remove conditions conducive to the infestation of the problem species, like having your building inspected for leaks and issues.~ C Mojo A.C.E Office (860) 446-7500