Mice & Rat
Mouse Removal Service in Connecticut


Mice and rats have lived with humans for tens of thousands of years. They know us as well as we know them. They love the homes we provide them; full of food, water and things to chew on. There is no better place for a mouse to raise a litter than in the soft pink cloud we use to keep our homes warm. With all their survival needs checked off they will spend their time going about unseen, collecting dropped food. They store it in odd places like on top of shelving, in couches, or in the back corner of cabinets. Next to finding droppings on your counter or along the baseboards, this is the most common occurrence to show you have a rodent activity in your home.

Rodent Exclusion Program:

Although we have many means to stop rodents, the most popular is our mouse exclusion service. We start by sealing the exterior of your home using a variety of materials. The most common combination is copper meshing and expendable black foam. By mixing them together if the rodent starts to chew the copper strands cut their gums and teeth making them give up. We set traps to remove the rodents inside and follow up every 7-14 day until no rodents are caught. We may apply an all natural repellent for areas we cannot fix like a garage door or basement hatchway.



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Insulation removal and sanitation services

Insulation is perfect for mice to live in. It keeps them warm when it's cold and keeps them safe from predators. Rodents will urinate and leave fecal matter behind as they travel through the house and nesting areas. Over time this extra weight will cause the insulation to fall and can lead to bad smells and even possibly airborne bacteria's. It is important to remove the infected insulation, disinfect runways and feeding locations.

We do it all we remove the rodents, remove the insulation,  clean up the mess and install new insulation for you.

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