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Mouse Pest Control

"Stopping mice and rats requires getting down and dirty. This way you see the building from their perspective and can find every trail and follow it to every entrance. " ~ C. Mojo A.C.E

Rodents In Your Home Or Office

There are a few signs to let you know that mice or rats have gotten into your home or office.

  • Droppings are found in drawers, cabinets, shelves, along runways, under furniture and along sill plates.
  • Gnawing is found on corners of trim boards, wire, sheet rock, and garbage cans.
  • Smells will start to accumulate in rooms that mice have infested as the urine and fecal matter builds up.
  • Yellow to brown spotting in ceilings where rodents have urinated over and over.
  • Scurrying sounds in the walls especially at night.
  • Cats and dogs will often sit and stare at areas of the wall that there is active mice.
Why Choose Bee Smart For Rodent Control

Bee Smart technicians are experts in rodent control that have decades of experience handling homes around New England. We always use integrated pest management to solve pest problems. Safety is always first.

What Is Rodent Exclusion Service?

An exclusion is when we seal a home to stop rodents and other pests from gaining access.

  • Detailed inspection to find entry points.
  • Set traps to remove the mice living inside.
  • Seal the holes on the exterior of the building using a variety of materials that provide negative reinforcement when chewed.
  • Follow up automatically ever 7-14 days until we achieve complete rodent control. 

Shut the door on mice and rats. Contact us today for a free inspection or get a quote over the phone.

We back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If during your contract period any rodents make their way inside we will perform a free extra service to find the access point and get it sealed.

*Rat extermination may require poison especially in a commercial setting.


Associate Certified Entomologist
A.C.E. is professional, knowledgeable and honest.

Associate Certified Entomologist are tested & certified through the Entomological Society of America.

Rat Control Service :
Why Is It Important To Remove Rodents?

Mice are filthy animals. They will leave behind fecal matter everywhere they walk and eat, as well as destroy insulation and wiring. A female mouse can have a litter every 21 days so in just a short while you can have a lot of mice running around your house.

Rats are just as nasty. They normally live in sewer lines that are filled with bad bacteria and other disease vectors.

In nature mice and rats are a major food source for local wildlife. In our homes they lead to disease, asthma issues and bacterial infections. It is important to the health of society that we keep rodents out of our homes and out of where we work.

Poison Is Not Our Go To Method For Rodent Control

Poisons kills owls, falcons and hawks plus many ground animals that feed on mice like foxes and domestic cats. 

Sanitation service - attics, basements and crawlspaces

Once all the rodents are gone it is important to get all the exposed droppings and urine cleaned up. These can cause a range of health issues like asthma, lung infections and other bacterial infections. We vacuum, scrub and then use an enzyme to break down any organic material that has soaked into the home. Our vacuums are HEPA filter vacuums to reduce spread of unwanted particles.

We have a "better safe than sorry" approach and recommend that during a clean out no one is inside. Call today to set up a free inspection and quote for any area of your home or office you need cleaned and sanitized. (860) 446-7500

Insulation Removal

Mice will ruin insulation by building a home in it, traveling through it, urinating on it and leaving a build up of droppings. Let's not forget mice don't bury their dead. They either eat them or the body is left where it lies. The decaying organic matter can lead to a bad smell and even airborne bacteria. It is important to remove the infected insulation, disinfect runways and feeding locations. 

We provide all the services you need to stop and remove an rodents issue. We provide the rat or mouse control, remove the insulation, clean up the mess, sanitize the area and install new insulation.

Bee Smart Pest Control is a fully insured exterminator company. It is licensed with the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. Our association memberships include the Entomological Society Of America, National Pest Management Association and the Connecticut Pest Control Association. See our Facebook reviews at the bottom of the page.

To have a free inspection and quote for your rodent project, give us a call today.