Cockroach Extermination Services

Cockroaches Of Connecticut

Cockroaches are found around the world with different species amounting to the thousands. We find roaches taking advantage of many different situations from the greasy floors of a restaurant to the forest floor breaking down cellulose. Some of the worst situations with cockroaches lead to the complete takeover of a home. Once roaches start living in your sleeping spaces, they begin to feed on hair like eyebrows and scalp hair. In Connecticut we mainly deal with the german cockroach, brown banded cockroaches and a nuisance roach called a wood cockroach.

How We Stop Cockroaches

After a detailed inspection to discover the population spread, species and level. We can write up a service plan to eradicate your cockroach issue. Once we have a plan of action we start with a knock out service. This service eradicates 85-95% of the population with both chemical and physical removal. Then the residual material and bait will spend the next few weeks killing every other roach as they move around. On the two week check up we determine the population and treat accordingly.

Why Stop Cockroaches?

Cockroaches multiply at an amazing rate. Once the population is high enough you will begin to consume roaches and eggs that are in your food. The dead bodies dry out and body particles float in the air causing asthma, allergic reactions and other lung issues. Their fecal matter builds up everywhere they roam. In a commercial setting, the last thing a restaurant or customer wants is a cockroach added to any meal plan.

Requirements For Cockroach Services

Due to the nature of a cockroach treatment we require all pets and people to be out of the home during the treatment and do not reenter the home until all products are dry. This is normally 4-6 hours. All food found with roaches in it will be trashed. Other food will be placed in plastic bags. During the cockroach treatment we require the customer to keep the food in bags to prevent cockroaches from gaining access.

German & Brown Banded Cockroaches

Both species love to get into kitchens, bathrooms and any other place that has available food and plenty of tight spaces to live in. Cockroaches love to live in tight dark spaces until all activity is done and then come out to feast as we sleep. The first signs of a cockroach problem, if you aren’t seeing the roaches, are the black pepper droppings found wherever they roam. If left unchecked both species will overrun a space.

Wood Cockroaches

Wood Cockroaches are not your typical roach. First, instead of craving juicy high calorie meals, they prefer cellulose. They get this source mainly from transforming the leaves on the ground into dirt. Every now and again this species will infest a wall or old cardboard left about. Although other species have wings, none but the wood cockroach can fly very well. If your roaches are taking flight with ease and getting across the room, then likely you are dealing with wood cockroaches.

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