Ant control services for Carpenter ants & small ants

Carpenter ants are one of the first ants that wake up in Connecticut. Get onto our season pass to stop all ants all season long! Ant control starts here!

a large ant staring at the viewer.

Ant Control Starts with Bee Smart Pest Control

At Bee Smart Pest Control, our ant control services start with a meticulous inspection to pinpoint entry points and nesting sites both inside and outside your property. We adhere to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles to swiftly address ant infestations without compromising safety by introducing harmful chemicals into your living environment.


Indoors, we initiate the process with strategic application of professional baits in cracks and crevices to keep them away from areas accessible to children and pets. These baits are systematically collected by worker ants and shared with the entire colony, leveraging their cannibalistic behavior to spread the product through their ranks.


For more extensive ant problems, our comprehensive approach extends to crack and crevice treatments utilizing activated desiccant powder or, where necessary, liquid treatments in trailing areas, baseboards, sill plates, and nesting locations throughout your home.


When combating ant infestations outdoors, our arsenal includes various materials, with a particular emphasis on fipronil-based solutions. Fipronil, a trusted component in modern tick and flea treatments for pets, capitalizes on ants’ social habits to collectively distribute the substance within the colony until reaching a critical level that effectively eradicates the infestation.

Count on Bee Smart Pest Control for thorough and effective ant control solutions tailored to safeguard your property and provide enduring relief from ant-related concerns.


Termites and Ants produce swarmers and they can be easily confused. Check out this chart to see what you have and then give us a buzz to have one of our experts to your door.


termite swarmer

Ants in the spring

As the seasons transition, our native carpenter ants are among the first to emerge from winter dormancy. By the end of March, these industrious ants begin their exploratory ventures into homes, diligently foraging for food remnants. Simultaneously, smaller ants scattered across lawns begin to stir, venturing out during the sunniest hours of the day. The awakening of these ant species heralds the onset of springtime activity in the intricate world of ants.

Ants in the Summer

As summer unfolds, the presence of ants becomes unmistakable. Lawns exhibit patchy appearances, signaling the disruptive activities of underground colonies that feed on and destroy roots. Carpenter ants, in particular, are prolific during this season, excavating substantial amounts of wood and leaving conspicuous piles in their wake for us to discover.

carpenter ant big and black

Ants in the Fall

With the arrival of fall and harvest season upon us, ants embark on a frenzied quest to gather as much freely available food as possible. As late fall progresses should the temperatures remain warm enough, ants often reemerge within our homes in search of sustenance.

To address and resolve your ant infestation promptly, reach out to us for a complimentary inspection or receive a quote conveniently over the phone. Let Bee Smart Pest Control assist you in efficiently tackling your ant issue and maintaining a pest-free environment.