Mice & Rat

Rodent Exclusion Program:

Mice are experts at finding ways inside. They can bend and stretch their way through almost any obstacle. With the ability to gain entrance almost anywhere and to reproduce at alarming rates, rodents will quickly overrun any building. Once inside they will leave a mess of urine and fecal matter.

To stop a mouse issue we preform a mouse exclusion service to seal the building and remove the mice living inside. No need for poison and dead mice in the walls. We just shut the door so they can't get back in.

An average house has 6-12 holes a mouse can get into. We will never try to sell you a gimmick job of installing flashing everywhere. An Exclusion Service can be done on its own with a 6 month warranty or attached to a Protection Plan.


Exclusion Service Steps

  1. Inspect and locate entrances
  2. Seal entrances using a mixture of materials to provide negative reinforcement
  3. Trap and remove rodents living inside
  4. Follow up until the problem is solved

With just a few simple steps our mouse experts will stop them in their tracks. For a free inspection and quote call or text us at (860) 446-7500

Ready to be rodent free?


Every home or business needs a different solution to their rodent issues. Call us today to have an expert to your door. (860) 446-7500

Insulation removal and sanitation services

Insulation is perfect for mice to live in. It keeps them warm when it's cold and keeps them safe from predators. If they weren't so messy, it wouldn't be so bad. But, rodents will urinate and leave fecal matter behind as they travel. When they die they die where they are. Often though they have time to make it back to the nesting area (insulation, walls). Over time this extra weight will cause the insulation to fall. All the fecal matter and dead bodies can lead to a bad smell and even airborne bacteria. It is important to remove the infected insulation, disinfect runways and feeding locations.

We do it all. We remove the rodents, remove the insulation,  clean up the mess and install new insulation for you.

Insulation Service Cost

  1. It is $1-$1.5 a square foot to remove
  2. It is $1-$1.5 a square foot to install
  3. Cost of a dumpster. This varies by towns and amount to dump
  4. Cost of insulation is $.65-$2 a square foot. This varies on depths and material.

For a free inspection and quote call or text us at (860) 446-7500