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Our Season Pass keeps you covered all season long for bees, wasps and hornets. We start by quickly handling the issue at hand then treat the home to prevent other hives from popping up. If one does during your coverage period we will treat it absolutely free!

Price is determined by the size of the home and property. Average cost for a season pass is $250-$450 Call today to meet one of our award winning team members and get a free inspection or a quote over the phone.

Our Protection Plan covers you all year long for most pests issues. We treat your buildings on a monthly, bimonthly or quarterly schedule. If a pest you are covered for shows up between our regular services, there is no extra change to you.

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Wasp Control

Wasps & Hornets of Connecticut

By beesmart | June 30, 2021

As July moves on the wasp and hornet hives around Connecticut will be populated enough with drones that homeowners will begin to take notice. Hopefully this doesn’t happen while mowing or trimming the hedges. Paper Wasps Wasps come in a few different varieties in Connecticut. Like the brown wasps you see above, yellow and black ones that resemble yellow jackets and a more red orange color wasp. Paper wasps will build hives in locations that provide a bit of shade but is warmed by the sun. Common areas are behind shutters, under overhangs, under deck rails and other inconspicuous places.…