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Carpenter Ants

Carpenter are the biggest of the ants. Armed with large mandibles they make quick work of wood.

Carpenter Ants are the biggest of the ants and the first to wake in the spring. Armed with large mandibles they make quick work of the soft pine wood we use when building our structures. Carpenter Ants will produce a brood called swarmmers that are in short ants with wings. They often all come out at once in large volume. Carpenter Ant swarmmers are potential kings and queens of new colonies. For the males. Once they mate they die. If they don't mate they die. For the female. If they don't mate they die. If they do mate they will quickly look for a safe space to lay some eggs and start building her army. As with most ants, at any given time your will see 10%-15% of the nest out of the colony. Carpenter Ants are polymorphic which means the colony will have ants of different sizes. If you are experiencing a bunch of large carpenter ants then you have a large colony. A larger colony will send the larger older ants out first as they are likely to die soon and therefore more expendable. Whereas the smaller ants will tend to the larvae and queen. If you see smaller ants walking around more then the older ants then the colony is small or you have a new one.

Myth Check:: Carpenter ants do not eat wood. They like to live in it as it provides a perfect home with proper moisture and its ability to retain heat.

Pavement Ants
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*We always use kid and pet friendly products

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