Bat Control

Do you need bat control in Connecticut?

“Our goal is to save bats not harm them. Bats normally go south for the winter. Since we keep our houses warm, bats may become confused as the cold sets in forcing them to hibernate in our attics and walls. When they stay in our attics, they will often die from lack of food and water. By excluding bats from our homes and setting up a bat house on-site, we provide a habitat that promotes healthy population growth. This allows the bats natural cycle to send them south for the winter, then come back in the spring to reduce biting insects overall on the property.”

C. Mojo A.C.E

How we do bat control

Bats are experts at finding their way into homes. With eco location abilities they see holes that we cannot. Once inside bats often leave piles of guano throughout the attic space. To stop bats we offer bat exclusion services. 

  • Detailed inspection to find all the entry points.
  • Set up a one way door
  • Seal every hole along the top of the building
  • Use materials that causes negative reinforcement when chewed.
  • We install bat houses too, just ask
  • Cleanout services available
  • 5 year warranty

More bats equals less bugs

An average brown bat can eat up to 12,000 insects a night such as mosquitoes, gnats and other small flying insects. Wow, who wouldn’t want bats around? A mosquito free yard is one you can actually enjoy. If you want to keep the bats on your property ask us to install a bat house for you. As a proven top predator of small insects that cause sickness in humans, it is our mission to help sustain the bat population. Bat control is insect control.