Wildlife Removal Services

Wildlife around Connecticut has learned to live in spaces we don't like our attic, little used sheds and garages and even sometimes our basements and walls. Wildlife deserves to live too. We always use the most humane was to remove any wildlife issue. With a armory of traps, one way doors, large ladders, knowledge and repellents. It is a sure thing that we will solve the problem.

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Methods of removal

  1. Live trapping - This method traps the animal with cages and physically removes the animals. Relocation to a prime spot that provide food and water plus lets them live safely away from human interference.
  2. One way door - This is a method using a device that allows the animal to leave but not get back in. Along will sealing the rest of the building and possible repellent use.
  3. Kill Trap - This method is the least desirable method of removing animals. Unfortunately at times it must be used.
  4. Repair or Seal - We repair or seal the holes used to get inside your home so nothing can get back in.

Common nuisance wildlife of Connecticut


Bee Smart Pest Control Caught Two SquirrelsSquirrels love to get into our attics and outbuildings. They are 1-2 feet long grey to dark grey in color. They spend most their time in the trees but come to the ground looking for acorns and sources of water. Often squirrels choose to enter our buildings because they are looking for a safe place to have their young.


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