A colorful spider dancing on a table.
Bee Exterminator on a ladder treating a bee hive on a library
A man usign a drill to dig holes for termite bait stations.
Man in chemical suit using a sprayer to treat the wood for powder post beetles
A bee exterminator in bee suit treating a bee hive in bush
Yellow Jacket hive on birdhouse
A exterminator in bee suit standing infront of a yellow jacket hive
Mouse in a table umbrella.
Pipes entering the house. It was foamed but a mouse has chewed through leaving black staining.
A pest technichian is holding a flash light and drilling into a sill plate to make a point to inject a termite foam.
A picture of a installed termite bait station
Pest Control for termites
Carpenter bee entrance with bee exiting
A picture of a hive. It shows all three stages of a yellow jackets life cycle. Eggs, larvae and adult form.
Yellow Jacket Hive in tree - Bee Smart Pest Control Exterminator
A large brown spider on a log
Picture of a eastern black widow. The spider is black and sows three red spots going down its abdomen
Picture of a cellar spider - Bee Smart Pest Control
Pavement ants on pavement after battle with other ant colony
Carpenter ants surrounding a dying queen. We provide pest control services for ants and other pest issues in Connecticut.
A picture of a Silver FIsh